Pledges Hazed in their Dorm and Shower PICTURES

Now, anyone who knows anything about frat and sorority hazing rituals knows they ALWAYS involved two things- a LOT of yelling and a LOT of forced exercise. These Big Sisters haze their babes by waking them up in their dorm room by screaming at them with megaphones and making them do all sorts of shit like jumping jacks (NAKED), sit-ups (NAKED), push-ups (NAKED) and lots more. Well, the pledges have worked up quite a sweat with all the workout so it’s off to the shower to hose them down to get them cleaned up for round two- a TON of pussy and ass licking, plus lots of babes kissing and making out under the watchful eyes of the older Sisters. This dorm and shower hazing gallery is a must-see, you are gonna LOVE it!