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Welcome to Babes Hazed

OK boys and girls- welcome to Babes Hazed! If the thought of hot college girls in sorority hazing porn videos makes your dick hard, you are DEFINITELY in the right place! You will not BELIEVE the abuse some of these pledges will endure from their Big Sisters, all for a chance to join the Sorority! Forced pussy eating and cock sucking, sex with frat boys, sorority chicks AND each other, TONS of stripping and verbal abuse- every kind of humiliation you can image, and some you haven’t even thought of yet! Body inspections and line-ups, nude exercising, sex with dildos, tongues, fingers- you name it the Sisters dream it up and force the pledges to do it! Let’s start things off with a few pictures of the babes hazed for your viewing pleasure!

Oh you didn’t REALLY think I was gonna make my first post here without showing you a video clip, did ya? THAT would really be a dick move! The link will open up a video player in a new window, and the ENTIRE 5-minute long clip will play for you. But trust me when I say this- once you see some of the sorortiy hazing porn action in this clip, you are gonna HAVE TO see it all! Don’t take my word for it- click the screen cap and check out the action for yourself- the hazed babes are waiting for you!

I fucking TOLD you that shit was hot- didn’t I? The hot college babes you see getting hazed in these sorority porn clips are loving every fucking minute of it- and you KNOW you are too! Life is to short to watch boring porn- so quit fucking around here and click the banner below to see all the hazed babes you can handle- your dick will thank you for it!

Forced Rimjob Sorority Hazing

Now unlike eating pussy, which is a taste EVERYONE short of gay men are BORN loving, the fine art of eating ass is definitely a more acquired proposition. But fear not- when sorority babes are getting hazed while pledging their allegiance to the Sisterhood it’s amazing what these chicks will find themselves down for! Their pledge term is nearing a close and the Sisters are getting serious about testing the loyalty of their wanna-bes, and tonight’s video of the lesbian rimjob ritual is one of the last acts these babes hazed will need to do to get in. Turns out these horny college chicks CAN learn to love to munch the browneye, with a little bit of proper encouragement from their Bigs. Watch the video and see for yourself- it’ll make your mouth water AND get your dick hard!

3 Sorority Pledge Babes Get HARDCORE Hazing

I thought we’d update things today at the brand-new Babes Hazed blog with some pictures AND a free video clip for you to check out. This one features 3 pledges from a sorority that has asked NOT to be named for fear of the PHC finding out about the cruel and unusual things they forced their sisters-to-be to endure before letting them in to the biggest party house on campus. In fact, most of the shit that goes on in this video is too much for me to describe, you’re just gonna have to check out the video of these hot college babes getting hazed for yourself and see what you think…. Kinda like- “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?” but WAY worse!

I fucking TOLD you that you’d dig the video- didn’t I? When it cums to babes hazed in sorority sex clips, I DO NOT fuck around! I KNOW you loved every minute of the free previews- so it’s time to shit or get off the pot! Click the banner below and “snatch” yourself a $1 trial to all the action NOW!

Pussy Eating for the Pledgers

pussy eating sorority pledges

You KNOW You Wanna Lick My Sweet Pussy, Pledge! You Should Be So Lucky!

Today’s Babes Hazed blog update gives you a two-for-one, I got 15 pictures AND a motherfucking sorority hazing porn VIDEO clip for you guys to check out! But don’t let the title fool you- there is a TON more going on in these pics and movies that just pledges licking sorority pussy! The Big Sisters have a sex toy collection that would rival Adam and Eve- double ended dildos, strap on rubber cocks, vibrators and much more. And they use ALL their tools to put each and every sorority sister wanna-be through her paces in a hazing ritual you just have to see to believe! Oh, and if you’re into ass licking and forced rimjobs you are gonna LOVE this one! Take a look at the video clip and see for yourself!

You guys should know by now that I wouldn’t send you off to some bullshit video- that second clip where the smoking HOT blonde has her tongue buried deep inside her pledge sister’s asshole is just about enough to make you cum in your pants simply by looking at the screen cap! You are SERIOUSLY cheating yourself if you don’t click “play” and watch the preview of the action! The best part? You can get FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS to the EXCLUSIVE members-only area for just $1. What the hell are you waiting for? Click the banner below and get your ass over to HazeHer NOW and join- you won’t regret it!

Hazing in the Woods

Hey boys and girls, and lovers of hot college chicks punished and humiliated by Sorority Sisters, I gotta bounce out to the bar tonight…. But I wanted to hit you with a quick update before I roll up in the club all like, “Whattup sluts? I’m a porn blogger! Who wanna suck my dick?”…. So here ya go- please enjoy!

Well, even thought this awesome college sorority hazing porn blog is still pretty new, I’d be a total fucking JACKASS if I didn’t show you some pictures of my all-time favorite episode- Hazing in the Woods. It’s destined to be a classic, and definitely sets the bar VERY high for new submissions. It’s kinda like my spitting porn blog- creepy and a little gross but still hot, sexy and definitely boner-inducing at the same time. The sisters make their pledges pretend that 3-foot Polish sausages are really frat boy cock, and when the hazed babes don’t wanna play along it soon becomes a decision she regrets! You KNOW you wanna see all the pictures, otherwise you can check out the VIDEO of hot sorority babes right here:

Snitches Are Bitches- Pics AND Video!

Take a look at these pictures of some hot sorority pledge babes hazed from one of the newer clips available at Haze Her called Snitches Are Bitches. I mean seriously, if you can’t LOVE looking at a hot naked blonde girl in a dog kennel awaiting the punishment she’s due from her Big Sisters for being a lousy, non-trustworthy tattle-tale then what does it take to get your dick hard??? It seems one of her fellow wanna-be’s was out past curfew and little Miss Ready To Get Her Ass Spanked couldn’t keep her trap shut about it, thinking it would win her points with the Sisters to spill the beans. Well, she’s about to learn a SERIOUS lesson in following the rules!

This is a video you DO NOT want to miss! The sorority hazing porn action in these EXCLUSIVE movies and picture galleries are going to blow your fucking mind! Luckily for you, it’ll only cost ya $1 to check it out- click the banner below and learn how!

Sorority Pledge Dick Sucking Challenge

sorority pledges sucking frat boy cock

Every One Of You SLUTS Will Have A Chance To Suck That Cock!

If you like watching college sorority porn videos of babes getting hazed you are gonna LOVE this one! These Sisters are fucking SERIOUS about their sexuality and they won’t tolerate a pledge who can’t suck a golf ball through a garden hose! So they come up with a few tests to put these pledges through their paces before bringing in the real “meat” of the competition- a lucky brother from a neighboring frat house who’s more than happy to offer up his tool for testing! Check out the pictures of the practice AND the main event- you will wish you were back on campus for sure! And if that isn’t enough, and we KNOW it never is, I got a motherfucking VIDEO for you to watch too!

Now I LOVE watching babes hazed porn videos as much as anyone, but even I can’t help but feel a little bad for that sorority chick on her knees about to get her first-ever mouthful of throbbing hard trouser trout! And the big Sister is offering her all kinds of encouragement- you GOTTA click the video to see it! But don’t worry fans- soon enough she’s polishing up his knob like a pro and begging for it, with her tight ass up in the air, to get fucked doggystyle like she’s seen in the movies! Oh, the force is STRONG in this one!

Naked Oil Wrestling and Sorority Hazing Pics and Videos

hazed sorority babes oil wrestling naked

Get Nice and Slippery Bitches! This is Gonna Be FUN!

This is a seriously kick-ass video of sorority babes hazed! First, they’re taken from their dorm rooms with pillowcases over their heads and loaded up into the back of a van. They’re driven blindfolded by the Big Sisters to an abandoned warehouse and forced to strip naked. After a TON of yelling, screaming and humiliation the pussy-licking commences (that’s what you THINK you’ve been waiting for) and then- the pledges are covered in oil and forced to wrestle each other in a sexy naked cat fight! Oh but it gets better still-the LOSER has to make the WINNER cum using only her tongue! I guess when it comes to naked sorority college chicks oil wrestling, we’re ALL winners!

I told you guys I had pics and video on this one, didn’t I? When have you EVER known me to lie about some kick ass college babes getting hazed in sorority porn clips? NEVER!! It never ceases to amaze me what these chick will go through to fit in to the sisterhood- you GOTTA click the banner and see it all for yourself!

Pledges Hazed in their Dorm and Shower PICTURES

Now, anyone who knows anything about frat and sorority hazing rituals knows they ALWAYS involved two things- a LOT of yelling and a LOT of forced exercise. These Big Sisters haze their babes by waking them up in their dorm room by screaming at them with megaphones and making them do all sorts of shit like jumping jacks (NAKED), sit-ups (NAKED), push-ups (NAKED) and lots more. Well, the pledges have worked up quite a sweat with all the workout so it’s off to the shower to hose them down to get them cleaned up for round two- a TON of pussy and ass licking, plus lots of babes kissing and making out under the watchful eyes of the older Sisters. This dorm and shower hazing gallery is a must-see, you are gonna LOVE it!

Frat Boys Hazing Sorority Pledges

These Pledges Sure Do  A Good Job, Eh Boys?

These Pledges Sure Do A Good Job, Eh Boys?

Anyone who’s ever lived the Greek life knows just how important proper relations are between the fraternity Brothers and sorority Sisters. And I can tell you from MY time on campus that pledges are VERY important to keeping things running smoothly. I mean after all, sooner or later the Sisters are gonna need boytoys to boss around and humiliate, and the Brothers are gonna be looking for some fresh pussy! You’re gonna love this video clip of the Sisters making their pledges serve each and every need of the frat Brothers, from acting as furniture to waiting on them hand and foot to babes hazed by basically just being used as nice warm places to park frat boy cock! This one is probably my second-favorite episode to date!

Sisters Teach Pledges How To Suck Dick

This is a SWEET new update from the BEST hazing porn website on the net- HazeHer! The Sisters of this sorority that prefers to remain anonymous (due to the ESPECIALLY brutal nature of their pledging rituals) are SERIOUS about sucking dick, and they want to make sure that each and every college slut that thinks they might be good enough to join is up for the task! That dildo is MASSIVE, and at first you think there’s no way the hazed babes can manage the task at hand. But like the true troopers they are, these slutty bitches soon realize what they have to do, and get straight on to sucking dick like seasoned pros! But that’s not all- when the blowjob training is complete the Big Sisters are horned up and their pussies are aching for attention. Thank GOD for three pledges who HAVE to do whatever they’re told- it’s a tongue-flicking clit-munching college lesbian fuckfest and I have the front row tickets you’ve been looking for! Click the pic below and watch all the action NOW!